Winter 2018 small groups are here!

Click here to sign up and for group descriptions. Sign ups also available at 4200 till February 11, groups begin the week of February 11. 

At Phos we have four different types of Small Groups.

Community Groups - Groups that meet in homes or at 4200 Centerfield Drive on a regular basis and encourage fellowship with one another. They usually consist of some type of Biblical lesson and prayer time as well as a time to get to know one another and grow together. Most groups are made up of group members in the same stage of life or area of town in which the group meets. Typically these groups run on the school calendar.  

Interest Groups - These groups are similar to the type of group above but are based upon a common interest. They generally meet for a brief lesson and then group members participate together in their common interest. Typically these groups run on the school calendar or the season of the common interest. 

Bible Study/Course Groups - These groups are generally based on a specific topic or Bible study. They are usually short term and have a beginning and end date. Example: Life’s Healing Choices.

Teen Groups - These groups meet on Sunday nights during the school year. They are organized based on age and gender of the teenagers. Curriculum is determined by Brandon Rose and the Teen Team. 

Click Here to see a complete list of Groups available at Phos.

If you have ANY questions please email Meredith Lewis, our Spiritual Life Development Coordinator