Hurricane Relief

I bet you're trying to figure out how to make a difference for the people impacted by Hurricane Harvey. I've been trying to figure that out as well. So, I reached out to my good friend, Mark Hogg, the founder and CEO of WaterStep is a local mission partner that has a strong track record of doing great work all over the world in disaster relief situations. During our conversation we discussed how Phos might partner with them to help those whose lives have been drenched by Harvey. We came up with some great ideas that I am super excited about and I want to invite you to be a part!  

Here's a step by step guide to take action:

1. Watch this Facebook live video that Mark and I shot on location at WaterStep Headquarters (HQ) this week.

Jeff Fuson/Mark Hogg Facebook Live at WaterStep Headquarters

2. Make plans to work with us at WaterStep HQ (625 Myrtle Street, Louisville, KY, 40208) on Saturday, September 16 from 9:30 - 12:30. (we will also need 8 muscle heads to show up at 8:30 to move some heavy stuff and get us ready for the rest of the team coming in at 9:30)

Special Note: We'll provide a light breakfast for you upon your arrival (starting at 9:00 AM) and give you a tour of WaterStep HQ. You'll be energized to see the creative solutions they are using to save lives all over the world. Then we'll paint like crazy people for 3 hours. We'll finish up with prayer and lunch at 12:30.

3. Fill out the form below to choose what type of work fits you best.

Hurricane Harvey Project Sign Up

4. Show up with paint rollers and brushes* dressed to get after it. We will do lots of painting to help WaterStep get their manufacturing spaces up to snuff so that they can build and deploy the appropriate mobile water treatment systems to Houston. It's a pretty big space that needs to be painted, but if we show up strong and ready to go then we could get it done. You'll be setting the stage for even greater things to be done to serve those impacted by Harvey and beyond.  

*If you are a super star handy man and can bring step ladders up to 16 feet, we could really use those, because there are never enough to go around on a project like this!

5. Prayerfully consider giving a generous gift to to help them get 10 water units on the ground in areas impacted by Harvey. Average cost of 1 unit is $15,000.

So, remember to fill out the form below (same form as in step 3) and let's help WaterStep bring relief to Harvey's victims. I'm excited to serve with you and work together to make a difference.

Hurricane Harvey Project Sign Up

Pastor Jeff Fuson

P.S. Kiddos who can add value to the work by "really painting" are welcome to join us for the project. Parents, I'll leave that for you to decide. If you'd like to come down for a visit and a tour at 9:30 but your kiddos aren't quite old enough to paint then choose that option on the form. We'll have some breakfast for you and you can join the tour and then y'all can split. It's a good field trip for you and your family.