Sunday Service Time: 9:30 AM

November Update  (11/5/21)

Phos family,

We are making progress! First, though, in a season of gratitude, we wanted to express our appreciation to the Phos family for your help through this process. Most importantly, thank you for praying. A text goes out to the Phos family on Mondays as a reminder to continue praying and we are grateful for your support in this and for always lifting us up. If you aren’t receiving texts, you can complete a Connect Form HERE.

And, thank you for your participation in sharing your hopes for Phos in the survey we sent in September and closed in October. We received a total of 105 submissions and have also been meeting with the staff to hear their hopes for Phos as well. It is evident that the heart of Phos is to follow Jesus, to make disciples, and to love and serve our community. We hope to present a pastor that is ready and eager to continue that vision!

We also appreciate your help in sharing the Facebook post about the lead pastor position. We received around 60 applications! It’s been amazing to see how many applicants know about Phos and our history and feel a strong call to join the work God has started here.

The application post closed on October 31 which leads us to the next phase: reviewing the applications. We began this process after the first application was received and continue to meet weekly to review resumes and discuss the sermons we have listened to that applicants have submitted. We are praying over the applicants to determine who fits the criteria we are looking for in a lead pastor and then will be interviewing the selected applicants to narrow down that group in order to present one person to the church family.

After that, the presented applicant will have the opportunity to speak in a Sunday service three weeks in a row. Following the third week, a vote will be held from the members of Phos. If the applicant receives a 2⁄3 majority approval, he will be the next pastor of Phos. If not, we will select another candidate to present.

To be a member (and to vote), you must have attended Starting Point and completed a membership covenant. If you are ready to be a member and haven’t yet taken that step, the staff will be hosting a one day Starting Point on January 30 at 11 AM. Please mark your calendar and watch for details to come about signing up!

Please continue to pray for the pastor search team to have wisdom and an ability to hear from the Holy Spirit as He guides us. And, please be praying for our next pastor and his family as they seek the Lord’s will for His plans for them to lead Phos.

Thank you all,

Ben Winters (chairman), Mary Bironas, Julie DePugh, Steve Dykes, Kevin Hearne, Donovan Mosley, and Sarah Tiu