Sunday Service Time: 9:30 AM (Summer 2021)


UPDATE: During this season, student life at Phos Community Church has shifted. However, we are still growing closer to Jesus and each other. Those things will always be the same.  Email Brandon to get connected to the group for your age or to sign up for student update texts if you aren’t getting those.

Students are world changers. And, we think they are going to change the world for the better. After you as their parents, we might be their number one fan.

The teenage years don't have to be scary.

And, you don't have to parent alone. The journey in raising a teenager can be intimidating, so that's why we try to live the teen years together: parents and student leaders, partnering to walk your student into their adult years with confidence, a strong faith and a team surrounding them.

Sunday Nights: EMERGE (Student Worship)

5:30 - 7:30 PM
EMERGE is a worship service/community night designed specifically for students 6th through 12th grade from 5:30 to 7:30 on Sunday evenings. Specific dates can be found at the Phos website and App. Emerge provides a safe and fun environment for students to build positive friendships with each other, while growing in their relationship with Jesus and strengthening their identity through Him. Students and adult leaders spend time in worship, small group discussions based around scripture and how they apply it in the "real world", and just hanging out and having fun together. We would love for your student to attend BUT if they are sick OR have a compromised immune system OR you do not feel safe sending them to this, THAT IS TOTALLY OK! We support and love you as your family makes the decisions that you all need to keep each other safe and healthy, both physically and spiritually! Any questions, please email (, call, or text Brandon!

Small Groups

Different times
In our careful process to open back up "in-person" student ministry, we will be starting back with "live" student small groups! These groups are 10 people or less, typically with one or two adult leaders to help facilitate and organize the group meetings. All groups are divided up based on gender and grade level, i.e. high school girls, high school guys, middle school girls, middle school guys. Some grade levels sub-divide even further, such as underclassmen and upperclassmen, depending on the number of students. Groups will be meeting out in the community in various locations (such as parks, in homes, etc.) and times, depending on the nature and needs of that specific group. Social distancing parameters will continue to be observed as well as health practices such as hand washing. If a student or adult is feeling ill in any way, they need to stay home. If students or their families want to wear a mask for the meetings, that is encouraged but not required. While we want to be as safe as possible and care greatly for the health of our students and leaders, WE CANNOT COMPLETELY GUARANTEE THEIR SAFETY. So if you and your family are not ready for in-person groups, that is ok! Groups times are focused on community building among students, prayer, life-updates, accountabilities, and some light bible study. If you are interested in your student attending small groups, please contact Brandon Rose (Phos Student Minister) and he will get you in touch with the appropriate small group leader! You are loved!