Sunday Service Time: 9:30 AM

september Update  (9/2/21)

Thank you for your consistent prayers and patient understanding through the pastor search process. We come to you today with a little history about where we have been, a snapshot of where we are, and some expectations you can have about our future.

Our last few months have been spent praying, learning, and planning. We are serving as the pastor search team, but also as an elder board. Getting comfortable in those roles took some education and counsel, but we are feeling more settled in our position and are honored to be a part of the process in this very significant season of Phos.

After meeting with a couple consultants who specialize in helping churches in times of transition, we put together a plan alongside a timeline to keep us on track until a new pastor is in place. We also discussed what it could look like for our church family to be a part of this process. Ultimately, the church family will vote to approve the next pastor of Phos, but we deeply value your input in the midst of this process as well. For this reason, we put together a survey to help us see Phos how you see Phos and help us evaluate what Phos needs most in our next pastor. We would like if every person who calls Phos “home” would complete this survey, including kids, students and adults.

Over the last year, we have often used the staff to share our Sunday morning messages and teach and lead us through this season. We heard a lot from Brandon Rose, our student minister, and Mike Arvin, our worship pastor. We are so grateful to both of them for going above and beyond to serve in this past season of grief and uncertainty where we felt it was very important for the church family to hear from voices we knew and trusted already. However, as we prepare to welcome a new pastor, we believe it is timely to hear from a couple outside voices which would also give our staff a break from speaking. The staff will continue to carry the responsibility of finding speakers to fill the preaching position each week.

During our upcoming sermon series (September 5-November 28), we are welcoming a guest speaker, Connor Hall, from Lexington, KY. He will not be in any leadership capacity and is not an applicant for the position of lead pastor, but is a gifted communicator and energetic servant of Jesus who currently serves at Southland Christian Church in Lexington, KY, on a team that is a part of a church-planting initiative. He also served as the students and teaching pastor at King and City Church outside of Nashville, TN. After he wraps up the series on the book of James, Mike will be back to teach us in December through a series leading up to Christmas.

And now, for the pastor search timeline in the future! Here are the phases you can expect:

  • Accepting Applications (September-October) — At this time, we are accepting applications at If you know of someone who may be a good fit for Phos, please ask them to prayerfully consider applying. We know that God already knows who the next pastor of Phos will be, but we are searching for him and we ask that you help us with this search in praying about who you know that may be a good fit or who you know that knows someone who may be. Then, please share our church website with them so that they can apply. Applications require a resume, teaching videos of previous messages, and a short video of the applicant sharing about who they are and why they wish to be the lead pastor for Phos.
  • Interviewing Applicants (November-January) — After the application phase is complete, we will eliminate any applicants who do not have the non-negotiable qualities that we are looking for in the next pastor of Phos. After that, we will be interviewing the remaining candidates individually and alongside the staff. After each interview, we will pray, debrief what we learned, and see how God is leading us to pursue or eliminate each applicant.
  • Negotiating Job Terms (February-March) — When an applicant has been selected, we will meet with them and the staff to prepare them to preach for a three week period. After that time, we will share with you who has been selected. Then, you will be able to come to worship three weeks in a row to hear them speak and get to know them. After those three weeks, a congregational vote will occur after the last of the three services. If the candidate receives a ⅔ majority approval, he will be the next pastor of Phos. If not, we will seek to find another candidate to present.

The average pastor search lasts between 12-18 months. We feel the weight of this length of time, but are certain God is using each day for good. And, we are encouraged that we are currently on track to have a new lead pastor sometime during the spring of 2022. Until then, here are a few ways you can help:

  • Continue praying for us, for our staff, and for whoever God is calling to be our pastor.
  • Complete the survey HERE.
  • Consider who may be a good fit for us and encourage them to apply HERE.

Thank you, Phos. We are so grateful for you.

Ben Winters (chairman), Mary Bironas, Julie DePugh, Steve Dykes, Kevin Hearne, Donovan Mosley, and Sarah Tiu
Pastor Search Team/Elder Board